The Tick S1 E1 – The Tick

Summary: In a world where superheroes and villains are very real, unassuming office temp Arthur becomes obsessed with a sinister conspiracy he believes has taken over his City. Everyone thinks he’s crazy, except his mysterious new ally, The Tick, a bizarre blue superhero who might just be a figment of Arthur’s imagination… NOTE: This is the new Pilot which was released 8/25/2017 and differs from the Pilot that was released on 8/19/2016. Some of the changes are as follows: 1: Amazon Logo on the intro has changed. 2: New release has opening sequence & theme whereas pilot season 2016 one doesn’t. 3: Opening on old pilot was Arthur watching from his PC only vs new is him in a store giving a big more background of the city scape and him in a store. 4: After Arthur speaks w/ the Psychiatrist and officer old pilot skips to The Tick at the plant vs new pilot has a small scene where Arthur is waiting for his sister and he and The Tick talk. There are plenty more so the original pilot cut is way different than the new pilot cut. I suggest watching both, but new pilot cut makes more sense.

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